Employers/ Clients

employersWe offer a professional & efficient service of labour supply both long & short term to meet your every need.
We provide all staff under a workers agreement allowing all parties to benefit from its flexible arrangement

Our procedures comply with all current legal requirements, including Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA). We have also signed up to the 'Voluntary Code of Practice' on employing migrant workers.

The GLAA was set up to prevent the exploitation of workers in the agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and shellfish gathering and associated processing and packaging industries. Since October 2006 it is illegal to supply workers to any of the above named sectors without a GLAA license. The penalties to companies are extreme. If you find you are in this position please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and we will assist in legalizing your labour operations.

We also provide 'ACCESS NI' services to companies who wish to C.T.C their employees/ workers and are a registered agent for Western Union.

Translation Services available on request in Russian, Polish & Lithuanian

Why use a ‘Labour Provider’

Controlled Labour Costs
Flexibility in Staffing
No ‘Red Tape’ issues with Paperwork
No HR issues
No Payroll issues
Legal & Ethical Support Advice
Agency Workers Directive Advice
Workplace Pensions Support

Why use us as your ‘Labour Provider’

GLAA Compliance
Clear Guidance

Workers Rights

Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority
National Minimum Wage
SSP & SMP Rights
Holiday Pay Entitlements
Inland Revenue
Director of Family Practitioner Services(Medical Card & Doctors Registration information)
National Insurance Numbers Office (NINO)